Avery Monthly Update - 5 Months

Wow! Only 4 more weeks until I have a baby that is a half year old! It still seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant and begging her to make her entrance. At first I was extremely sad to see her get bigger and older, but I am realizing how much more fun her and mine's relationship gets as she grows. It is still bittersweet to see her grow so fast, but every new month brings it's new enjoyments and surprises.

Dear Avey,

What a month this has been in your life- both developmentally and with your surroundings! Your nanny share did not end up working out, which seems to be huge blessing in disguise. You started at a new daycare this past Tuesday and I think it will be really good for you. The owners and your teachers are so sweet. You will get amazing care there...and even learn some French and Spanish. There will soon be 4 other kids in your class for you to become sweet friends with! Going to work has become a little harder for me everyday as I don't get to see you until 4pm , but I always remind myself that it is what is best for you and our family right now. I LOVE all of the time I have with you after work and on the weekends. So much, that I have pretty much stopped my side photography business. I just want to spend every second with you right now...the business and extra money can wait =) Your Daddy wakes you up in the morning. He gets you ready and off to school all by himself. He absolutely loves this time with you and I am sure you love it too!

Night time has become a little harder for your dad, as he gets up many times to give you your paci. We cannot wait until you start being able to find it and put it in your mouth all by yourself so he can get a night of interrupted sleep. Soon enough! Sometimes, on weekend mornings we bring you into our bed to sneak in a few more hours of sleep...I love this. You sleep SO well in our bed, but we are determined not to ever make this a habit for the good of everyone =) You also had your first sickness this past month when your nanny share started...a bad ear infection. You handled it like a champ though and pretty much seemed all better after you started on anti-biotics. Here's to building your immune system =)

You are growing SO much each and every day! You are starting to sit-up...I think you will have this mastered in a few more weeks. You are starting to really eat your baby food (only veggies, not so much fruit yet). You are so good at rolling everywhere. You love tummy time now and holding your head up...I swear you will take off crawling any day now and be unstoppable. You love kisses and grabbing our faces. You seem to be teething like crazy, wanting to put EVERYTHING in your mouth. Your smiles are constant and your laughs are full of joy. Everyday your dad and I ask ourselves how we were given such a happy and healthy baby. Needless to say, God is good.

We are so excited for this fall with you...it is my favorite season and even better now that you are in it. I can't wait to pick out your first pumpkin, watch football games, go hiking, play in the leaves, rock on the front porch and take you trick or treating! I can't decide what you are going to be yet, but whatever it is, I am sure you will be the cutest little trick-or-treater out there.

Happy 5 Months Avery Reagan, you are so very loved.


Here are some pictures from your 4th month of life-


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