Hadley ONE Month

I'm Dear Hadley,

One month!! It has flown by but at the same time has felt like you have been in our lives forever. You are the piece that completes our family and for that we will be forever thankful. I always wondered how my bond with you would compare to that of Avery. It was instant. Right when I held you and saw your sweet little face, I felt a fierce love for you deep within my soul. That love has only grown every single day this month. I feel so connected to you almost as if you have always been in our lives. It is hard to put into words- but always know that you are so loved.

This first month has flown by, but we have been zombies for half of it ;) When you first came home you were an OK sleeper...we had you in our room in your bassinet for about two weeks since I was nursing. You woke up every few hours as you were still learning your days from nights. We were pretty tired, but of course it was all worth it :) 

You really have been the best little baby. When you cry, there is always a reason- you're either hungry, tired or need a new diaper. Pretty easy! My favorite thing to do you with is rest with you on my chest. I will be so sad when you get too big to do this! I love how I can hold you and it immediately soothes you. I have even slept with you on my chest a few times in desperate attempts to get some shut eye at night because you sleep so good there! 

Your sister and you already have an incredible bond. I love to watch it and cannot wait to see if grow exponentially as you two get older! She is so in tune with you and your needs. She hates seeing you cry and does anything she can to get you to be happy. She always brings you your paci, feeds you your bottles and even helps to pat and shush you when you're tired! The first thing she asks every morning is to see you and she won't go to bed without kissing and telling you goodnight. It truly is amazing how much she instantly loved you and for that I am so thankful! You two will for sure be the bestest of friends!

Your dad has taken on night duty like a champ. He loves spending this time with you and rocking you to sleep in his arms. He loves seeing you grow as he is able to interact with you more and more! 

So far your nicknames are Haddie, Hads and Haddie Bear...oh and I can't forget Avery's nickname for you- Hamster. Not sure how or where she came up with it, but it fits you and it's pretty cute when she calls you that :) She loves her little Hamster so much!

You have brought us all so much happiness already in your first month of life...we are so thankful that we have a lifetime with you in it sweet Haddie! God has blessed us immensely with you and your sister and we are so so thankful. 

We love you bunches sweet Haddie Bear!!


Here are some pictures from your first month of life-

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