Hadley's Newborn Shoot

My friend Hayley, of Hayley Johnson Photography LLC took our amazing newborn pictures for Hadley. The session, and getting the amazing pictures that she did, was NO easy feat. I had thought that Avery would do great and be SO into it, but boy was I wrong. She wanted nothing to do with taking pictures. She just wanted to watch her shows and have her paci and her bunny :( We tried EVERYTHING to no avail. She finally came around a little bit after our lunch break. Somehow, despite all of this, Hayley still managed to get some awesome pictures with her in them and I will be forever grateful! Thankfully, Hadley was a sleeping angel the whole entire time. I LOVE these pictures and already have them printed out all over the house...Enjoy :)

Here is Hayley's information if you want to reach out! 

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