Hadley's Birth Story

I'm I am finally back to blogging as it would only be fair to Hadley to have her first year documented just as Avery did :) This time it is my new year's resolution to stick with it! Enjoy...Here is Hadley's amazing birth story!

On Monday 12/14/15, I had made reservations for my mom and I to get Reflexology foot massages at Jiao in Buckhead. My co-worker's water broke right after her foot massage there a few months earlier and I was in desperate need of relaxation, so why not? I had gone the week earlier and labor clearly didn't start, but it was one of the most relaxing massages I've ever had! I already had an induction scheduled the next morning at 7am, so I thought this would be a last opportunity for some much needed relaxation. My Dr and I decided we might as well induce because I was already pretty far dilated and as this was my second baby, she said it would be easy and fast (and I didn't want her birthday too close to Christmas!) Well Hadley had her own plans and spared her mommy from pitiocin and an induction!

A few hours later at 6:15pm, what do you know, the contractions started! We were finishing packing for the hospital for the next morning so it was perfect timing. I had taken this one last picture with Avery and her sister before my contractions started and I'm so glad I did!

The contractions became consistent right off the bat (about 3-4 min apart) but they weren't terribly strong. I debated waiting it out (and I don't think Jason believed me that it was happening) but after an hour of tracking the consistent contractions, I called the Dr on call at hospital and she said since it was my second baby, that I might as well come in. It was a totally different experience than with Avery because with her my water broke out of no where and although I had no contractions right away, I knew I had to go directly to the hospital and wouldn't be sent home. Even though at my last check I was 3cm, I was still nervous about being sent home and the contractions stopping. Anyways, since she said to come in, we kissed Avery goodbye (Lulu was giving her a bath) and got in car to head to Piedmont around 7:00pm. It worked out perfect because my parents had come the night before to stay with us as we were planning on the induction the next morning. 

On the way to the hospital, we got stuck behind a moving van and EVERY.SINGLE. RED light. Contractions weren't terrible but we're definitely happening. Jason REALLY wanted to run the red lights like you see in movies, but I gave him multiple stern warnings that he better not! We checked in and immediately were taken to a room where I changed and we took one last bump picture at 7:30pm.

The Dr (Helen McSwain) on call came in and introduced herself. She was the only one in the practice that I hadn't met yet (of course!) but she had started the practice and had been delivering babies for ages. She was AMAZING! She told me I was totally effaced and 3-4cm, so I could get epidural right away. She said that it was good I came
in when I did because if not I may not have been able to get an epidural (just the thought of that to me was unbearable!!) Of course l readily agreed to getting the epidural ASAP, so the anesthesiologist came in a few minutes later. He was awesome- I barely felt anything when he gave me the epidural and it was so fast and STRONG :) I really only had about 30 min of contractions in hospital before the epidural so it wasn't bad at all! 

Then Jason and I just waited and talked for an hour or two. I loved watching the contractions on the monitor and not feeling a thing :) With Avery my epidural must have not been as great because I definitely still felt some and had pretty bad back labor. We put on Christmas music and turned off the lights and just rested. It was actually really peaceful. Jason took a video of me resting while silent night was playing. I love it!

My water broke on its own around 10:30pm. There was meconium in it but they explained that happens more often than not, but there will be more people in the delivery room to immediately suction out her lungs. The Dr came in again at about 11:30pm and said it was go time. She said she had a ton of hair and if I pushed hard she'd be out super fast. So I did! It's so weird pushing and not feeling it. I told them I didn't feel like I was doing anything, but they assured me I was. I guess I was because after about 10 pushes and less than 15 minutes later, she was born at 11:43pm!! I can't believe it was so fast- 4 hours from checking in to her being here! I've always heard it's faster with the second but never believed it (Avery's labor was 18 hours!!)

Jason didn't get to cut her cord because they wanted to clear her lungs fast, but once they did she was on my chest and nursing within minutes. Then the whole team of Drs and nurses left us alone with her for an hour and a half! It was pretty amazing and a very special time together! 

A nurse came in and weighed her and gave her a bath at about 1:15am. We were guessing her weight during that hour we were alone and we both guessed around 7.2oz like Avery but boy were we wrong- 8.2oz and 20inches! The Dr and nurses were in disbelief that I had an 8lb baby because I was so small and my belly measured way behind my whole pregnancy. Crazy!!

She looked so much like her big sister!! At first we couldn't tell if she did or not, but with every passing hour Hadley started to resemble Avery more and more! We are so anxious to watch her grow but she is already so beautiful just like her big sissy.

We spent that night and the next in the hospital and went home around 11am on Wednesday 12/16! The recovery experience and all of the nurses were amazing. Hadley made everything so easy and fast and I'm SO appreciative of that :) It almost makes me contemplate a third...JUST KIDDING!!

So that is the story of how Hadley Wells Porche came into this world! We are obsessed with our little blessing and are amazed at how perfectly she completes our family!

...more to come on Avery meeting her little sister for the first time the next morning!

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