Avery Monthly Update - 6 Months

Wow, half a year has gone by since this little angel has come into our life...hard to believe that 6 months ago today, I was in that hospital room at Northside for 18 hours anxiously awaiting her arrival. What an amazing 6 months this has been. We have seen her grow from a sweet and helpless newborn into a curious, active and always happy 6 month old! I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months have in store =)

Dear Avey,

This month you started at a new daycare! It is WONDERFUL! You absolutely love going there, all of your friends, and you have been learning SO much. You learned how to sit up your first week there (at 5 months and 2 weeks) and you have mastered flipping over and army crawling. You are quite the little scooter. They feed you baby food three times a day and I don't think you have met a fruit or veggie you don't like yet! Your Aunt Molly is one of your four teachers and she absolutely loves having you in her class everyday. She tells me that you follow her around the room all day when you are not in her group =) She also texts or calls me every lunch to tell me your daily updates! One day this week she told me that you were so smart, you learned how a Jack-in-the-box works from your cause and effect lesson. You learned that you have to push it in and wind it up so it will pop back out. So proud of you!

It is so nice that you can sit up now...it makes playing so much more fun! We are cherishing this time where you can sit, but not crawl everywhere yet. I am waiting for my daily workouts of chasing you around, because I know that once you are on the move, you will be unstoppable. I get a preview of this every time I change you...you constantly flip over and grab everything in your sight. Oh boy!

You don't have a tooth yet, but I know one is coming any day now. You LOVE having something in your mouth...especially your Sophie and your foot! Teething tablets have become our best friends at night. It doesn't seem to bother you too bad, but I am sure it will start hurting more once those teeth start popping through :(

You are not a huge eater...you tolerate your bottles, but you NEVER finish them :) We are just happy you like solids so much! You have really started cuddling and being so sweet at giving hugs and nesting your head into our shoulder...we love cuddling with you! So much that we give in at times and bring you in our bed at night. You still are waking up way too many times in the middle of the night for that paci...I tell myself that everyday we are going to start letting you cry it out, but that hasn't happened yet. you are too darn sweet that I can't bring myself to let you scream as much as every book and other moms say I should. Maybe one day!

We took you to your first UGA tailgate this month...we played LSU and kicked their butts! You had so much fun tailgating. Maybe a little too much fun because you did NOT want to take a nap. You were so good though. So good, that we are debating doing it all over again in two weeks!

We are taking you to Old Edwards Inn this weekend to celebrate your 6 months! We are leaving as soon as I finish writing this. We are going to do some shopping, hiking, eating, relaxing, pumpkin buying and maybe even swimming! We can't wait to take you to the mountains to experience your first fall up there! We bought your Halloween costume last night...it is not what I was thinking at first, but when I saw it, it was perfect for you! 

We love you so much Avey Bug. Your dad swears when he sees you after work that you grow everyday while you are at school. You are getting so big and learning so much! We love you to pieces and can't wait to experience the next 6 months of your life with you. Thank you for your sweet spirit and your adorable smile. Thank you for making me your mommy and your dad your daddy.


Here are some pictures from your 5th month of life-

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  1. 6 months has gone by sooo fast! She is so precious!