Avery Monthly Update - 7 Months

I am three days late on this post, but it is better late than never =) We have had our hands very full these days, but we wouldn't want it any other way! I swear that each month, Jason and I keep thinking that it is the best and that Avery is at "the best age". But somehow, the next month keeps getting better. Avery is growing so fast and we are loving every second of it. I swear tomorrow I will wake up and she will be walking! Love this little girl and her sweet, curious and fun personality.

Dear Avey,

What a fun month this has been with you! Your development each month never ceases to amaze us. You have gotten so good at army crawling and it's practically a full blown crawl now. You just need to learn to lift your mid section a tad bit and you will be so fast! You are all about the games right now. You LOVE playing with your Daddy. Right now, him and you have this game where he takes one of your socks and you have the other. You guys love holding them up to each other then waving them around and putting them in your mouth! He also taught you how to make noises with your mouth and then move your hand back and fourth on your lips to make funny noises. You LOVE this! I have a fun video of this to share with you one day =) You also love to grab our faces, pat our backs and nuzzle your head into our shoulders.

We are actually changing your schools again. Not because we don't like where you are, but because a spot came up for you at a great one right by our house. Instead of the 1.5 hours it takes for me to pick you up now after work, we will get home so much sooner for more playtime! You will miss your Aunt Molly and the other amazing teachers, but you will get to still get to see Molly a lot so it will be like you were never gone!

This month you decided that you no longer wanted to sit in your bath chair. So now you sit on the mat we got you in the tub- such a big girl! We also tried the cry it out method a few days ago...I was so against this, but it actually wasn't bad. For one night you woke up and cried for about 10 minutes a few times, but the next night you only woke up twice, then last night you didn't wake up at all! You are so smart though, you cry and stare at the door and wait for us to come in. If we don't, then you stare at the chair like you expect us to be there. It breaks my heart when you cry, but I knew if I could just make it through a few nights it would be better for all of us! (Don't worry, I will still convince your dad to let me bring you in our bed sometimes as a special treat!)

I have to tell you, I am already planning your First Birthday Party. I am SO excited for it...I hope you love it! T-Minus 5 months! Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I have NO idea what to get your for Christmas yet since you already have everything you need....but I am sure I can think of a couple of things ;) We are so excited to see you rip through your presents! By then you will be almost 9 months- crazy! Our goal is to get you walking in January at 9 months...this is when your dad and I both started walking =) We'll see what you have in mind though!

We love you so much bug. Thank you for another amazing month of seeing your sweet smile every day. We know you love us so much and that means the world to us. Here's to a great 7th month of your life!


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