Avery Monthly Update - 8 Months

 I feel like I was just posting Avery's 7 month post, now here we are at month 8!! Boy how time flies. This has been a crazy and amazing month of her life. We LOVED having our little turkey with us for Thanksgiving and getting almost a whole week off to spend with her. 4 more months until she turns one...I bet it will be here before I know it! I guess it is like they always say, "Time flies when you are having fun!" Happy 8 Months Avery Reagan!!

 Dear Avey,

8 Months?!? Holy cow, Avery, where is time going?? We are enjoying every minute of it, but boy it is sure going by fast!! I am sad you are growing, but as long as you always promise to be my baby, then I guess it is okay. Your Dad loves it...he says that this is his FAVORITE stage right now (between you and me, he says that every month!) =)

You got your first tooth this month on the bottom right!! It is so cute...and it really didn't seem to bother you. I know some people blame everything on teething, but so far I wouldn't blame anything on that. You really haven't seemed to mind. We will see how the other teeth go!

You were very congested and had a cough pretty much for the whole 7th month of your life. You really didn't let it bother you much though. I take that back, you HATE it when I wipe your nose. You have somehow figured out how to take care of it as you see me getting the tissue out by wiping it on my shirt. Then you look up and smile at me. Thanks for that =)

You switched schools (AGAIN, I know!) and started on Tuesday. Your symptoms seemed to have vanished and your nose and cough are free and clear thank goodness! You got into your new school sooner than we expected. Although we are sad you won't be with Molly everyday anymore and we loved Suzuki, your class size will be more than cut in half, it is so much more affordable, and you are only 5 minutes from our house now. Which is important because you still haven't grown a fondness for being in your car seat! Driving with you is pretty miserable until you fall asleep. You just hate being restrained and not seeing anyone. Oh well, I can't wait until we can turn your seat around to face the front! The only thing (aside from falling asleep with your paci) that can make you stop is the song "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"....so naturally you can imagine the scene of me singing that at the top of my lungs to you in the back seat. Hey-whatever it takes!! You had a pretty rough first day at your new school, which was to be expected. But I just called at lunch to check on you today (your second day) and they said you are doing MUCH better and are very happy...thank goodness!!

Boy you are so fun these days. You are constantly laughing and your smile rarely leaves your face. You think EVERYTHING we do is funny. It is great! Your favorite is when we all crawl around and chase each other! You also love when your dad shakes his hair in your face. You love when we leave the room and play peekaboo around a corner. You also love when we chase each other around the house (or store) holding you...you think it is just hilarious! Oh and eating my nose, that is your favorite too. I eat your chin back and you just crack up. Your laugh is the best. It makes nothing else matter, really. I hope you have a little girl one day and can experience the same immeasurable joy that your smile and laugh bring me. We would pretty much do anything (and everything) for it.

It's the month of Jesus' birth!! And we are SO excited for the new traditions it will bring! We had such a great time picking out our tree together. We are going to decorate it tonight and see Santa this weekend. I am not sure if you will like him or cry...over Thanksgiving break you developed a LARGE attachment to me. Before that, you would pretty much go to anyone and be happy. Now, you really just want to stay with me. So I am not sure how you will act with Santa...we'll see =) At least you'll have on a super cute outfit! I'll definitely post some of the pictures on here after!

I can't wait to see when you will start walking. You love to walk holding onto our hands...it is definitely one of your favorite things. You are pulling up now like a champ and can get over/around anything. Boy will we be in for it when you are walking!! I can't wait =)

We are starting to feed you more than just purees. You have had bananas, cheese, avacado, etc...we will start branching out a lot more this month! You love your solids! You have discovered how to take your food and rub it on the wall when we forget to pull your highchair away from it...you can only imagine how much your dad hate that...I think it's kind of funny =) Oh and on that note, you LOVE it when we say no or when you "hurt someone". You think it is hilarious. We are in for it! On a sweeter note, you love saying "Mama, Mama, Mama, etc". You sometimes say it just once, and sometimes you say it about 5 times...and almost all day. I just love it! We are still working on Dada...you will get there!

Thanks for another amazing month Avey. It was one of the best yet (of course!). I cannot wait to experience the 8th month of your life. I love you more and more everyday (I don't know how that is possible). You mean the world to us, because you are the world to us. Thank you so much for being you!


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