Avery Monthly Update - 9 Months

This past month has definitely been one for the books! We were so busy with Christmas events, that I haven't even had time to post those pictures yet. Our first Christmas with Avery was amazing though- so much fun seeing her open and play with her toys, being with family, and our "attempted" Christmas Eve church service :) What a fun 2013 it was...we cannot wait for an even better 2014 as we get to watch Avery grow into an even more precocious 1 year old!

Dear Avey,

9 Months old?! You are getting SO big!! I can't believe that soon, we will be telling people we have a one year old! I can just see you learning how to hold up that little index finger now :) I am so excited for your 1st Birthday...It will for sure be one to remember!

This past month has been amazing! It was so fun to have you in our family for Christmas! You got some great toys, and you just love playing with them all. Your favorite I think is your activity garden from Santa, little toy car your Uncle Blake and Aunt Kelly got you, the tractor Lulu/Pepe got you, the xylophone Mimi/Grandpa got you and your favorite Bunny stuffed animal that Ally got you! You had so much fun ripping apart the presents and reaching inside the bags! We have two videos of your from Christmas morning, so remind me to share those with you when you read this :) By the way, you started saying "Da-da" and haven't stopped since Christmas Eve. As you can imagine, this was your Daddy's FAVORITE gift that he got this Christmas. Thanks for giving him that!

Thanks to you, 2013 was our favorite year yet. But I am sure 2014 will be a close contender! You are so close to walking. You incessantly pull up on everything and love walking with your push walker. I am hoping you will start walking on your own this month (hence the walking shoes in the picture), but I know you will do it when you and only you are ready! You are going to be a crazy little rascal when that starts. You already are curious about EVERYTHING so the faster you can get to things...believe me, you will!

This month we are going to get you ear tubes. Your poor little ears need them and I can't wait for you to be able to hear better and be pain free from those ear infections! Hopefully these will be the only set you need. They stay in for 1-2 years then fall out on their own. I am a little nervous about the procedure and the anesthesia, but I know you till do great and be so thankful to have them!

You are the sweetest and most joyful little baby I know. You love giving hugs to your bunny and snuggling with us. You are ALWAYS happy. You laugh at the littlest things and remind us to be happy each and every moment of the day. Your smile and dimples are contagious and people comment on them everywhere we go. We are so lucky to have you!

You are the favorite part of our world and we love you so much. Happy 9 Months Avery Reagan!


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