My Stitch Fix Review #2-

Hi all!!

I am finally blogging again! I vow to not let myself get behind again. I need to post about Avery's 1st Birthday and our beach trip- which I promise to do soon!

In the meantime, I have decided that I am going to review my Stitch Fixes, because I LOVE getting these fun packages each month. Seriously, if you haven't tried it, give it a try, it is super fun! Here is my referral link if you decide to try it- http://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3562154

What is it?- An affordable and easy online clothing styling service. They get to know your style and send you 5 handpicked clothing items or accessories each month that they think you are sure to love. This is perfect for me (an extremely busy mom) because I do NOT have time to shop but I love updating my wardrobe!

How does it work?- Simple. Here is the deal- you go onto their website- www.StitchFix.com and you sign up. Then you fill out your personal style profile. You tell them all about you...your sizes, what you love, what you hate, how much you will pay for items etc. They will show you some different clothing sets/looks and you tell them if you like them or not. I even gave them a link to my Pinterest "Style" board so they can look to see what I like. I also love that you can leave notes for your stylist. For example, we have some weddings coming up so I asked for some dresses I can wear to those (under $100). I also told them that I have way too many bottoms, so to focus on dresses and tops right now!

Here are some screenshots of the Style Profile you will fill out-

Anyways, you then pick how often you want it to come. I picked every month, but you can pick every other month too.

How much does it cost?- You pay a $20 styling fee each fix, but that goes towards what you purchase! If you purchase everything in the fix then you get 25% off, which is awesome! Included in each package is a personalized note from your stylist to you about why they chose what they did and cards about each item that tell you how to wear them and what you can pair it with. There is also a prepaid return envelope package that you just slip in the mail with the things you did not want. **Disclaimer- because of the $20 styling fee, I feel obliged to keep at least one item...but that usually isn't a problem :)** Once you decide what you are keeping vs sending back, you log in into your account and under each item you received, you tell them if you kept or not so they know what to charge you for and what you are sending back. I usually explain why I didn't like something so they can learn from that for my next Fix.

I forgot to blog about my first fix, but better late then never right? Here is what I got in my second...try to guess if I kept it or sent back!

Item 1- Miranda Striped Maxi Dress: 

I REALLY REALLY love this dress...I love the material. It is thick enough that its not see through and it is not cotton so it is heavier and will maintain its shape and size. The colors are fabulous for this Spring and Summer. The only problem is that I put in the wrong dress size on my style profile. I put Small, but I should have put XS. So the result...

Too big :(!! I  sent it back although I contemplated getting it altered because I loved it that much-

Item 2- Mandi Colorblock Shift Dress: 

I really liked this for work. It was super comfy and the design was different yet not too crazy. But sadly, I had the same problem with the first...it was too big :( So I sent it back!

Item 3- Noelle V-Neck Tribal Print Tunic: 

Again, I really liked this tunic. I LOVE tunics! I told them that so they sent me two in this fix. The only thing I didn't like about this was the collar. I wish it was collar-less up top by my neck. It was also a little big again. So because of both of these things, I sent it back.

Item 4- Sanctuary Toren Cropped Cargo Pant: 

I wouldn't call myself a cargo-pants type person, but I was pleasantly surprised by these. They are so comfy and light weight, and they fit very well! Because I needed to keep one thing in the fix, I kept these. ($48 after the $20 styling fee). Jason says I won't wear them because I have so may jeans, but I am going to prove him wrong! I did tell them after this not to send more bottoms, because I do have plenty :)

Item 2- Giovani Beaded Neckline Tunic: 

This is gorgeous!!! But is it worth $108?? I couldn't decide...But it didn't matter because it was too big anyways so I sent this back :( Ahh why did I not put an XS for tops to begin with?? I am kicking myself, but I went in and changed it on my style profile, so I am more optimistic for the next time that everything will fit much better! 

So there you have it for my second Stitch Fix! I really enjoyed it and loved the items, but am regretting putting in the wrong size because I had to send most of the things back. Oh well, at least it will be right moving forward :) Thanks for reading and please use my link if you want to give it a try. You can cancel at any time if you aren't happy! Give it a few tries though because they do start to learn your style. Be sure to explain to them too why you are sending things back in the notes section of each item online! I get $25 off as a referral bonus if you decide to try it through my link :)

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