My Stitch Fix Review #3-

It's that time of Month again...Stitch Fix time ;)!!! I get so excited to see my SF package on the front porch waiting for me! After trying on, I decided to keep 3 out of the 5 items...although if I kept them all I would get the 25% discount and it would end up only being $160 total- now that is a good deal!! Oh well, maybe next time I will keep them all :)

If you decide you want to try it out, be sure to read My First Stitch Fix Review that describes everything you need to know about the service and use My Referral Link pretty please! Also, be sure to let me know how you like it :)

I tend to get on Pinterest more often lately to Pin things to "My Style" board to ensure my stylists know just what I want because I know they are looking at it...it definitely paid off this month! Also, I wrote in the "Notes to my Stylist" section in my account on Stitch Fix that we have a wedding coming up in the mountains so I wanted dresses that were wedding appropriate but not super fancy (that I could possibly wear with cowboy boots!)

What 3 items do you think I kept?? Read below to find out...


I LOVE this sweater. It is light weight and will go with so much! For just $38, I am definitely KEEPING this one. I can't wait to pair it with this necklace (see below) and some cute white shorts :)


Done and done. I am a sucker for cute (but not overdone) statement necklaces. I love dressing up a simple dress or t-shirt with them. This is definitely a KEEPER for $32. $35 is my limit that I will let myself spend on a necklace, so this one barely made it ;)


I really like this dress...especially for the wedding! I definitely KEPT this. I do wish it was a little shorter...I don't like super short dresses, but I prefer them a tad shorter than this. Oh well, I still really like this for $64 and saving me a trip to the mall to search for a dress for the wedding!


Ugh back to the TOO BIG issue...this is an XS, but it is way too big...some of the sizing can definitely be funky on their tops. This one I am SENDING BACK. The print and style is cute, but it's just way too big. Also, I am going to tell them $48 is too much for me for this tank top. For $48, the shirt needs to be pretty awesome and (definitely well fitting).


I am so undecided on this dress!! I REALLY like the style, but it is again, a tad bit big under the arms. I am not sure if it matters or you can really tell here because of the style so I just can't decide what to do. I definitely don't need two new dresses, so I think I am going to ask the ultimate decision maker...my husband! He usually tells me to send things back unless he really loves them on me...so we will see! This could also be cute with my cowboy boots...which may sway me to keep it too :) What do you think...KEEP or SEND BACK?! If I keep it, that will put me over the $160 total (with the 25% discount for keeping it all) so I might as well keep them all. Then I would just sell the tank to someone who wants it! If I just keep the necklace, sweater and one dress that would be $138...decisions, decisions!

That's it for this month's SF!! I hope this helps if you are thinking about trying it...I highly recommend it. It is so fun and for me (very time saving!). Also, if you already do SF and like any of these items, I have found that you can pin them and ask your Stylist for them in your next fix. You may not get any, but if you give them your Pinterest link, they will at least know the things you like!

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  1. I am sad to see no one commented in time to help you with your decision.
    1) I am a StitchFix addict after only 2 boxes!
    2) I am obsessed with reading blog posts on the topic
    3) I love the coral colored dress you are keeping. Very flattering and gives the impression it is a skirt/top combo, which is cool
    4) The blue dress is also flattering, but if there are large armhole problems, you will always been thinking about unintended 'exposure' issues. Curious to know what you decided!