Is This Happening?!?

Not Avery...but this blog =)!! Here goes nothing! I never thought I would be a “blogger”…not because I don’t like blogging or think I couldn't do it, but because I really didn’t think I could ever find the time to devote to blogging. With a full-time corporate job at IHG, a very busy side photography business and a baby on the way, I am still not convinced that I can- but I am determined to try! If not for my sake, for all of our family and friends so  they can stay up-to-date on all Avery happenings =) I also hope that Avery will one day love looking back through these posts and reading about the amazing stages in her life that she won’t really ever remember, but Jason and I will always treasure. She is already such an incredible blessing to us and she is not even born yet…I cannot even imagine the joy and love that will fill our life once she arrives. We are so excited to meet our little angel!! I will try to update you all not every step of the way, but very frequently,  through our journey of becoming parents (while still being newly weds)!

I know some of you may have already seen these from my Facebook posts (which will slowly be migrating to this blog instead of the way too public Facebook platform)…but I wanted to share here all of the pictures of the sweet room that is patiently awaiting Avery’s arrival in a few weeks! Enjoy :)


  1. Emily, I get to be the first to comment on your blog?! :) I'm very excited to follow your blog about Avery the exciting chapter coming up in your and Jason's life! Your nursery looks AMAZING - can't wait to see it sometime soon. Love all three of you! Xo

  2. I love her nursery! It is amazing! You definitely have a talent!

  3. Thanks so much Katie- it was a great way to fill time in the second trimester and make it pass more quickly :) I have loved going in there and imagining her in it! Now I am just ready for that to become a reality!! haha