40 Week Update

40 weeks!!! We made it full term Avery :) You are now DEFINITELY ready to come meet the world! We welcome you with open arms any day you decide you are ready our sweet little girl!! I keep thinking it will be any night now, so I hope I am right one of these days! Regardless, we can't wait to meet you very very soon and hold you in our arms...and probably never let you go :)

How far along: 40 weeks!! We have officially made it to my due date- March 29th!

Total weight gain: Right around 32lbs...I hope it will come off fast =)

Maternity clothes: Usually all I am wearing right now (because I am already on maternity leave) are my comfy workout pants and sweatshirts =) ...I learned a valuable lesson that although they say to get your maternity jeans in the same size you normally are pre-pregnancy, that a size 26 is NOT going to fit me at 40 weeks pregnant!! Note to self for my next pregnancy.

Stretch marks: No...so thankful!! I still love my belly, but I will love it too when I can get some abs back =)

Sleep: I can't really complain...I still get up a lot to go to the bathroom but other than that I sleep pretty well! I have been trying to sleep in since I don't have to get up for work, but apparently my body isn't feeling that. Oh well!!

Best moment of this week: Our last ultrasound...finding out that Avery is now in the 58th percentile at an estimated 7lbs 6oz. So proud of her!! Also, the glimpses we have been getting of the amazing Spring weather was another highlight. I am so glad Avery is arriving with the Spring so we can enjoy A LOT of time outside in the sun and fresh air!

Miss anything: Still running and being my normal size...especially seeing these adorable new Spring clothing lines come out!

Movement: All the time! She loves to move her feet a lot on my right side...I think that is the only space she really has left. Sometimes I will feel her hands punch and arms move, but it's definitely her feet that I feel most of the time. She doesn't even have the room to turn sides anymore...her feet are always in the same place and have been for the last two weeks. The Dr. did tell us that her face is facing up ("sunny side up") and I think this can cause for some bad back labor...but hopefully, (and knowing Avery), she will turn around before labor!

Food cravings: I have really wanted chicken fingers lately...but that is nothing new since I was about 3 =)

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I feel really good!

Have you started to show yet: Umm- yes.

Gender: Our little baby GIRL of course!!

Labor signs: I really don't know...I know some promising things that the doctor has told me, but really no contractions yet. Some back pain and maybe a few braxton hicks (but even then, I'm not really sure if it is Braxton Hicks or just her moving!) I am thinking that it will come out of the blue. I am hoping I won't have to be induced, but if I do, then at least we will get to pick the date and our doctor =) If Avery decides she wants to stay in till next Thursday then we will talk to the doctor about a date for the following week. 

Belly button in or out: Still in!

Wedding rings on or off: On, still no swelling anywhere!

Happy or moody most of the time: Very happy, but anxious!! Also, I am pretty bored during the day since I started my maternity leave on Wednesday. I am trying to enjoy this time of having little to nothing to do, but it's super hard when I just want her to be here!

Looking forward to: Going into labor...and of course- finally having Avery here and seeing her sweet little face!!

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