Avery Monthly Update - 1 Month

1 Month?? Wow!! It seems like yesterday that we we're just bringing this little cutie home from the hospital! Time sure does fly...especially when you have a baby! We have learned to appreciate each passing day even more now that we have her. It makes me sad how fast time goes by, but at the same time, it makes me so happy to see her keep growing into a little person more and more every day.

Dear Avey,

You are already a month old!! This has by far been the best month of our life. (I am sure I will think that every month!) At your 1 month doctors appointment, you were 8lbs 11 oz (33 percentile) for weight and 22 inches (82 percentile for height)...tall and skinny ;) You do so well at the doctor...so happy and smiley. I was so sad when they gave you your 1 month shot today. You were all smiles until they stuck you and your eyes got so big...then came some tears. You only cried for about 20 seconds though then were happy again =) 

You have brought so much happiness and joy into our lives. I don't even know if it is possible to have a bad day with you in our life. We are constantly amazed by you. Even the smallest things you do bring a huge smile to our faces. You are the cutest little baby...so happy and SO expressive. You are always smiling and making the most precious little faces (see below). I wish I could know what goes on in that brain of yours =) You love just being held and played with. Our favorite time of day right now is just before bath time when we lay you down on the rug in your room and play with you. It's so fun to see you look at everything, make eye contact and smile at us! You have even started laughing a little bit (or more so squealing)! My absolute favorite thing (aside from kissing you) is when you fall asleep on my shoulder...I could just lay there with you for hours (seriously!) I will be so sad when you get too big to do this, so I am cherishing every second! Your dad still misses you so much everyday at work- I highly doubt this will ever change ;) He loves coming home to you and immediately taking you from me to hold and play with! You are still the BEST sleeper ever at night...we are going on our 12th night of 8+ hours of straight sleep. We can probably never repay you for this ;) Happy 1 Month my little bug and thank you so much for being you! We thank God for you every single day and that he chose us for you- we are so blessed to be your Mom and Dad. 


Here are some pictures of you from the 4th week of your life!

Here are some faces that you made all within 5 minutes one night when we were playing with you this week =)

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  1. She is just beautiful!