Easy Mother's Day Craft

The week before Mother's Day, my friend Jamie Grace, sent me this adorable craft and we decided to give it a go! It was a little harder than we thought...but well worth it!! I am so glad I captured Avery's precious little newborn hand and footprints to keep forever.

 Take a look and if you have a few extra hours one day, give it a try!

Ingredients and Instructions: (we tripled this recipe and were able to make about 12)

2 cups sifted flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water
Bake 3-4 hours at 200 degrees

The reason that this took us so long (over three days) is not only because of the baking time, but also because we were constantly soothing crying babies, changing diapers, feeding, etc...but here were our little craft helpers...we couldn't have done it without them (literally) =)

 First we started out mixing the ingredients-


Then we rolled the dough out into little circles. We used a cup, but a rolling pin would probably work better =) We then used the edge of a glass bowl to make them a perfect circle shape. I also decided to make some in heart shapes with a cookie cutter. You can use any cookie cutter for this as long as it is wide enough for their little hand/footprints!

After they were all cut out, it was time to get the babies in attempts to get their little hand and footprints on the dough...this was NOT easy! It definitely took two of us- one to hold the baby and the other to open up and press their hands and feet down. Be sure to press hard or you will not be able to see the indentions well!

Once they are all pressed, they are ready to bake! We increased the temperature from the 200 degrees to 250 degrees and it worked well. They need to bake for a full 3-4 hours!

Let them cool and they are ready to paint!! I chose light pink to match Avery's nursery and an ivory color for the ones we are giving our moms.


I ordered a burlap ribbon from Etsy to tie them up so they can hang on the wall. You can also get a plate display holder so they can be displayed without hanging as well! Ta-Da...the finished product!

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