Avery Monthly Update - 2 Months

Avery is now officially 2 months old...and these have been the absolute greatest 2 months of our life! It is the most amazing waking up everyday and knowing that Avery is in our life. Sometimes, because it is so amazing, it still feels unreal! We have been really lucky and blessed with a super sweet, happy and easy-going baby. It is amazing to me how God created the most perfect little person to join our family. There isn't one thing we could even come up with that we would change...she is just perfect for us and we are so lucky to be her Mom and Dad.

Dear Avey,

Wow 2 months?! In a way, it seems like time is flying...but it also feels like you have been a part of our lives forever. That is how perfect you make our family. I can't even remember what our life was like without you...probably because I would never want to =) You truly are the light of our lives. Your Dad and I love you more than you could ever even know.

Everyone says that you seems so much older than 2 months...it's true!! You make SO much eye contact, are so alert and you just smile all day long. I've truly never seen a happier baby. I hope that is because we make so you happy, but I think it is mostly just your personality. I hope you never lose that =) Sometimes we lay you down to play with you, and you just smile and coo at us for hours...literally hours! Your neck control now is so good and you have just started holding it up all on your own! One of your favorite things to do is when we stand you up on your feet...you could stay like that forever just looking around!

Your favorite part of the day is getting harder to say, because you are truly happy all day long! You still love bath time and play time, but I think you really love waking up in the morning. Whether it's your Dad or me that gets you from your crib, you are all smiles for hours! Oh by the way...you have never stopped sleeping through the whole night since about 2 weeks. It's incredible! You go to bed around 10pm and sleep until 7am or 8am. You are just the best =)

You are starting to grow A LOT! You are still in most of your newborn clothes because you are so tiny, but because you are so long, we have to put some 3mo. size clothes on you (but they are still a bit large!) I can't wait to find out your weight at your 2 month appointment!

I only have two more weeks at home with you until I go back to work...that makes me really sad, but I found a GREAT summer nanny for you, so I think you will have a TON of fun =) I also probably won't be able to let you go from the moment I walk in the door after work to when I put you to bed, so get ready!!

We are in the process of selling our condo and (fingers crossed) hopefully moving to Vinings/Smryna in July...where we will have A LOT more room for you and all of your toys! I will be sad to leave our condo which has so many great memories (my favorite is bringing you home to your nursery for the first time) but excited for the new chapter in our life! Hopefully you will have a new little sister or brother to play with in our new house...in a few years =)

We love you so much Rae Rae. I can't even begin to write how much, because it isn't possible! You are the sweetest and happiest baby in the world...and I will do my best to make sure that that never ever changes.

Love you bunches,

Here are a few pictures from your 2nd month of life (see- you are ALL smiles!!)-

Here are 5 videos (I couldn't pick just 1) =)

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