Avery Monthly Update - 3 Months

This big girl is already 3 months!! I know she is still an "infant", but I say big girl, because this has been a huge month for her developmentally! Her personality has really started to come out and I am loving every bit of it!

Dear Avey,

I can't believe I have only been your mommy for 3 months!! I truly feel like you have been a part of me forever. Maybe for good reason- I know that you have been a part of my heart forever and that the Lord planned you for me since the beginning of time. What a perfect match he made! One of my favorite things to tell you over and over again is, "You are my Avey and I am your Mommy." Simple- but a phrase I hope you will always remember and take with you no matter how old you get. The love in my heart for you cannot be quantified, but I hope you will always feel the strength of it. Even when you are old and I embarrass you...and you might even say you hate me a time or two, I hope you go back and read these and always know how much I truly love you.

Wow- 3 months!! What a month this has been for you! You now can hold your head up all by yourself! I have started carrying you on my side instead of like a baby or over my shoulder. You love to be held up under your arms and bounce on your legs. You still hate tummy time, but you love your bumbo seat and are getting very good at sitting in it. In a few weeks, I bet you will start to live in your little seat! 

You have definitely discovered your voice this month. You LOVE giggling, cooing and gasping. This week you have even started to grunt =) It is the cutest thing ever. Another one of the extremely cute things you do is when you let us know you are getting sad...you pucker your bottom lip out and stare at us to let us know that you are about to cry...we can usually stop it with this fair warning, but we always tell you, "That is the saddest face EVER!"

You love, love watching the Baby TV channel in your bouncer and Baby Einstein DVDs. You are still not the biggest fan of your carseat when you are awake, but whenever I get back there and play Baby Einstein on my phone for you, you forget all about hating your carseat =) You still love bath time, play time on your play mat, and your sheep skin rug. We love playtime with you. We can stare at you, watch your smiles, and listen to your noises forever. Your giggles are the best. You absolutely love being held up to the mirror and looking at yourself and us...I think this would have to be your most favorite thing right now! We also took you in the pool for the first time this month...you loved it!

I went back to work this month so I can buy you pretty dresses and fun toys. It was hard leaving you, but you have a great nanny, Courtney! She absolutely loves playing with you all day long...and I love coming home and scooping you up! Courtney sends me pictures and videos of you all day which definitely help get me through my workday. 

Next week, we will have the keys to our new big house that we bought for you. We are so excited to give you a back yard to catch lightening bugs in, your very own play room to play dress up in (which is my own special project), and a front porch where we will rock, drink lemonade and carve pumpkins together!

Everyone cannot get enough of your smiles and laughs, Avey. You are still the happiest baby ever. Whenever someone is talking to or smiling at you, you stare at them and give them the biggest smile back. Thank you for being so cute and happy. Thank you for always continuing to sleep through every night. Thank you for loving everyone so much. Thank you for being ours.

I love you so much and I LOVE watching you grow and turn into who you will be for the rest of your life with each new day. Your Dad would want me to tell you how much he loves you here too. You are definitely Daddy's little girl and have quickly become his whole world. Happy 3 Months my Aveybug.


Here are some pictures from your third month of life-

Here are some adorable little videos-

Some of your cute noises and grunts on July 4th!

I was videoing you while you were resting...then you spotted me!

We were having some fun with my phone :)
One of your favorite things to do...watch Baby Einstein!

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