Porche Family Pictures

I have been meaning to post these for a while now! When Avery was about 8 weeks old, we decided that we wanted some family pictures since I was finally feeling like I could let myself be photographed ;) My friend Katie Davidson of Katie Davidson Photography (www.KatieDavidsonPhotography.com) is an amazing photographer so we decided to do a session swap! I took pictures of her precious family of 5 (3 boys!!) then we switched and she took pictures of our family of three. Although Avery decided to not show a single one of the smiles that is usually on her face, I am SO glad we did this and hope to do it again soon! Here are my favorites!


  1. Bailey Drew is all smiles until we get our camera or phone out... then she stops! The pictures are so cute :)

  2. Do you know of any photographers in Anderson SC?