Avery Monthly Update - 10 Months

Happy 10 Months Avery!! You were so much fun this month! We love you :)

Dear Crazy Avey,

(That is the theme of this month!)...You are CRAZY...in every amazing sense of the word :) Your babbling, laughing, patting, crawling, standing, pulling up, etc has become constant and abundant in the 9th month of your life. The only place you like to be is right in the middle of the action! You love to watch what we are doing at all times. You really like to try to help us cook, eat our food, drink, etc...which usually results in a big mess- but that's okay :) You are especially loving the concept of sharing! You like to share your food from your high chair and put it right into our mouths. You also like to share your stuffed animals and toys. It is so sweet! You give it to us, nod your head and grunt, then you politely reach for it back...you could do this all day!

There were many other firsts this month too...you started to stand up by yourself! You are so good at standing, but when you realize you are doing it, I think you think you aren't suppose to so you sit :) You can now walk really well now holding only one of our hands instead of two! You eat your pouch food yourself, sucking it out, instead of us spoon feeding you it. You got on school lunches because you love table food so much and we dropped your mid day bottle. You eat EVERYTHING! Chicken, peas, carrots, strawberries (your dad got you hooked on these), cookies, turkey, hamburger meat, bread, etc! We will probably drop another bottle in a few weeks to start getting you off of them all by 12 months.

Your favorite place is your playroom. You LOVE your toys in there...especially your stuffed animals, pulling the books out of your shelf and the mailbox in your play garden. Did I mention you LOVE stuffed animals? Your favorite is your pink bunny and this really tiny bunny (about 5 inches). You have started to really like this little stuffed dog as well! Every time you get a stuffed animals, give them a big hug and rest your head on them...it is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Whenever you do this we always say, "Avery, you love bunny!" or "You love puppy!". We are trying to teach you kisses too. We try to show you then ask you for one...it hasn't taken yet, but hopefully soon :)

You still wave goodbye occasionally and say buh-bye. It is precious. I cannot wait until you are talking up a storm and all of the cute talks we are going to have! Your favorite game right now is to chase people and to be chased (while being held)...your crack up the whole time! Your other favorite thing to do is to stand by the door with me as daddy walks in from work. He opens the door and peaks through and your eyes light up! You know exactly what we are doing when we go into the laundry room every day and stare at the door...you get so excited to see him!

At your 9 Month Check-up you weighed close to 18 lbs (we think!). You also got ear tubes this month...they have been wonderful. You haven't had an ear infection since (even with a bad cold!). I am so glad we got these for you so you can hear perfect now and be pain free!

We love you so much Avery Reagan Porche! We can't wait to see what the 10th month of your life will bring. You are the sweetest and craziest little girl and we wouldn't have it any other way!


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