Avery Monthly Update - 11 Months

Ahh life has been CRAZY this past month, so I am very late writing this...but better late than never :) Less than 2 weeks until my baby girl turns 1...WOW!!!

Dear Avey,

What an amazing and crazy 10th month of your life! One of the things that made it so crazy is that you started walking!! You took your first steps at 10 months and 1 week! You kept crawling for a few weeks with a few steps here and there but after about two more weeks, you started walking everywhere! You LOVE to walk...you love it so much that sometimes you try to run and get a little ahead of yourself. You are very good at falling though. You always catch yourself with your knees or hands and get right back up. I've never had to come pick you up! Little miss independent :) I am so proud of your for your determination to master walking...you are doing SO good!

You also eat anything and everything now. You love a lot of foods...pirates booty, grilled cheese, sweet potatoes, bread, mac & cheese, fruits of all kinds, cheerios, gold fish and spaghetti! You are still a really good eater, but are becoming a little more pickier. If you don't want something, you won't even try it and shake your head when I try to give it to you. You also let us know when you are done, by moving your hands all over the tray of your high chair and pushing everything on the floor...thanks ;) You also really like throwing your cup down to the ground right now...I will be glad when we can stop that habit!

You love repetition! You love taking things out...and putting them back in...and taking them out...and putting them back in. You make a squeak when you put something in, nod your head, then take it back out. Over and over again :) Opening and closing things is your favorite. Whether it is the hood of your pink car or the bottom drawer of your dresser. You love taking the pacis out of the jar one by one and putting them back in. You also love taking the pirates booty out of your mouth and putting it in mine...mmm, yummy ;)

Another one of your favorite things to do right now is to ride in your pink push car. You love going around the neighborhood in that...WAY more than your stroller. You like to steer, honk the horn and just look at all of your surroundings. You could stay in that for hours!

You are just my favorite. You smile and laugh at everyone! Whenever anyone says something to you  (even strangers) you give them the BIGGEST smile. If you hear others laughing, it makes you laugh. I hope you never lose that...that is the way it should be! You love to way and say bye-bye...it is the cutest thing. You love to give your mama hugs...I love it when you walk to me and throw your arms around me. It is my most favorite thing ever! I still love rocking you to sleep and kissing you. And staring at you. I am in awe of your beauty both inside and out. I know that will never change.

I love you my Avey Rae. You are growing into the most beautiful and happy little girl. Your Daddy and I are so proud of you every day. We cannot wait to celebrate your first year of life in a few weeks. I know you won't remember it (everyone also never stops telling me you won't remember it)...but I also don't care. I know you will love it and your party will make you so happy. Even if you don't remember, it is worth it just so I can make you happy.

I love you bunches and bunches!! Happy 11 Months!


Here are some pictures from the 10th month of your life-

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