Hadley TWO Months

I'm Hi Baby Girl,

You are TWO months old and it has been the best two months of our life to have your sister and you in it! You weigh 12.2lbs and are just over 23inches long- you're a lot bigger than your sissy was! You are so long that you're pushing 3M clothes and may need to move to 6M soon :)

You are truly an angel baby...but really. You make our lives SO easy. You are the happiest baby full of smiles, laughs and talking! You never cry...really, never. If you start getting fussy- it's because you need a bottle. You're pretty simple! We think you're going to be our quiet, sweet but very smart little girl :)

Ever since 5 weeks you started sleeping through the night and never looked back. Every night since, you sleep 8-11 hours nonstop. We will be eternally grateful for that baby girl! You go down around 7-8 and have about 1-2 hours of restlessness, then we give you a last bottle at 10 and after that, you're down for the count until 7-8am!

You LOVE whistling and when I make the fishy face with my lips. You smile and coo so much. You've started to get really talkative this month. You're also getting really good neck control. I think you're dying to sit-up!

You love watching people- especially Mommy and Avery! It's so cute how she loves helping you and talking to you. She sets up your play mats and blankets for you, kisses your head and just sits by you reading to you and playing with you. Your bond is getting stronger and stronger with each day and it makes us so happy!

I am going back to work in two weeks and you'll start daycare! The teachers in the infant room are so sweet and so excited to have you in there! Avery will get to come visit you during the day too! It's going to be super hard on me not getting to snuggle and see you smiling at me all day, but we'll get some non stop cuddle time every evening and on the weekends. I think you'll love school, just like your sissy! 

We love you such much Haddie Bear and can't wait for each new month with you! Thank you for all the love you give me and bring to this family!


Here are some pictures from your 2nd month of life-

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