Hadley THREE Months

Dear Sweet Hadley,

Happy 3 Months!!

I am a little late in this post, but I am happy I fit it in before you turned four months! This third month of your life has been amazing. You are the sweetest and happiest little girl and you melt our hearts on a daily basis. 

You started daycare and are doing SO well. They love you so much because you are so easy going and loveable. You really never cry, and if you do fuss, it's because you're letting us know it's time for your bottle. I have never heard you cry for more than a few seconds- it's pretty crazy! You also have slept through the night every single night since you were 5 weeks old...literally haven't woken up in the middle of he night one time. We put you down anywhere from 7:15-8 and you sleep until 7-7:30 the next morning. A lot of mornings, we have to wake you up to get you ready for school because your still sleeping :)

Your teacher, Miss Tafari, nicknamed you tinker bell or "think tink" for short because she said you're so sweet and small :) I think you are way too big though and need to stop growing ASAP! You're in 6m clothes and can even fit into some 9m! Since you and Avery are so off in clothes seasonally, you're getting a lot of cute new outfits! #sorrydad

We'll find out your weight at the dr in a week or so for your 4 month appointment, but I'm guessing it'll be 14lbs and you're so long so maybe 26"!

You have become quite the talker! You blabber away every second you aren't smiling or laughing. Your smiles are infectious- seriously. You constantly have a smile on your face and it makes us and everyone around you so full of joy. You LOVE when your sister plays and talks to you. You just stare at her with the biggest smile on your face in awe. It's the sweetest thing ever. You love putting your hands in your mouth-we have to keep a paci nearby so you don't chew them raw :) You love bathtime! Sometimes you take one with me and sometimes in your own bath with Avery, but every time you simply love being in the water! You adore a ton of kisses on your cheek and being blown on the tummy- you crack up and get the biggest smile and look at us with such joy in your big blue eyes. You are just so yummy and sweet...we have a hard time not eating you up!!!

We love you so much sweet Haddie Bear!!


Here are some pictures from your second month of life :)

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