Hadley FOUR Months

Hi Sweet Haddie,

Happy 4 Months!!

I am a little late on this post too- it is becoming a theme :) But I promise I will never forget one in your first year of life. Better late than never right?

You continue to be such a joy and light in our lives. Your happiness, smiles and laughs are so contagious. You make us all better people just because of who you are! You are such a content and easy baby...we couldn't ask for anything else! Your Dad told me as we were getting you ready for bed the other night, that you make him want a third baby. You must be pretty amazing for him to say that ;)

We took you and your sissy to the doctor on Tuesday for your 4 month check up and her 3 year! You did SO good. You are quite a little chunk weighing 15.7lbs (73%) and are 25.5" long (83%). Your little rolls are so delicious! You got 4 shots and took them like an absolute pro! You are already in 6m clothes and pushing those so about to move up to 9m. You and Avery are totally opposite on your clothing sizes and seasons, so you have been getting a lot of new cute clothes! Your Daddy isn't too happy about that, but of course I am :)

This past month has been a fun one! You have started to roll over and are talking SO much. You love to have something in your mouth all the time...hands are your favorite but you love your little ring toys as well. You will eat your blankets, bibs, clothes etc...anything you can get your hands on! You laugh so much when we tickle you and make funny noises. You love just staring at our faces and smiling. That is my favorite thing to do with you. We just talk to each other and smile all the time! You still love Avery more and more each month. When she talks to you, you just laugh and smile away. You think she is pretty great...so do we ;)

You love bath time...seriously I think you could stay in there all night if we let you :) You also love being held by your dad in the baby bijorn carrier. But you only like facing outwards. You like to see everything going on. You are quite the cat napper...you only take a few 20-45 minute naps each day. But you still sleep about 12 hours a night non stop, so you can nap however you please! You have only woken up one time in the middle of the night since you were 5 weeks old...that's pretty amazing! And even that one time, you went right back to sleep after we rocked you for a second. You'll never know how grateful we are that you and your sissy have been amazing sleepers from the beginning. Please NEVER change :)

You like watching TV and hanging out in your bouncer...as long as you have a toy with you that you can put in your mouth at all times. You love to sit up (when we help you) and stand on your feet. You have started to use your exersaucer a lot...the bottom is propped up on pillows so you can reach!

I can't wait to see what this next month has in store for you sweet girl!!


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