Avery Monthly Update - 1 Week Old

How has one week already flown by since Avery arrived last Thursday morning?! We have LOVED having her at home and watching her change so much already! 

Dear Avey,

You have quite the little personality =) You already smile a lot (we are obsessed with your dimples), love looking at people's faces and your surroundings, and you are the best eater. Sometimes I think you would eat all day if you could...You have slept pretty well every night, except for the one we brought you home. That was a rough one! The next two nights your grandmother, Lovey (my mom) stayed with us to help us get some sleep! Thank the Lord for grandmothers :) Sometimes you love to sleep and will be out for hours and hours, but others you just want to stay awake in all the action just watching. You love laying on Daddy's chest and falling asleep in his arms. You love hearing my voice and when I sing to you. I could just stare at you for hours. 

Happy One Week, my precious baby girl. Your Daddy and I love you so so much! Although I wish you could stay a baby forever, we are so excited to watch and help you grow. We love you bunches =)


Here is a cute video of your first week at home-

Here are some pictures I took on my phone from your first week of life!

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