Avery's First Weekend at the Lake!

My parents (Avery's Lovey and Pèpè) have been working very hard at the Red Roof Lodge to make sure everything was ready for Avery's arrival! They knocked down walls, made a 5th bedroom, set up a nursery (complete with many bouncers and toys), and even fully stocked up in diapers and wipes =) We were all very excited to take her up there so we decided to make the trip up to Hartwell this past weekend! Avery was just over 2 weeks old. We had a great time showing her the lakehouse and the lake itself where we know many amazing memories with her are soon to be made! Here are a few pictures from our weekend!

Hanging out on the dock!

Avery with her Lovey and Pèpè

Avery and Lovey!

Our family in front of the lakehouse after Avery's fun first weekend at the lake!

Hanging out on the dock!

A picture of our new family of three taken on 4.21.2013 (our 1st anniversary) with the sign we had made for our wedding!


  1. Incredibly sweet. Thanks for sharing your joy!

  2. Adorable pictures, Emily! Congrats!