Avery Monthly Update - 2 Weeks Old

Out little Aveybug is already 2 weeks old! Boy time is flying...it seems like just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. She is changing so much week by week right now. I want to document her first 4 weeks individually before I move to monthly updates since she is changing SO much already since her birthday. At her checkup on Monday (1 week and 4 days) she was back above her birth weight at 7lbs 6oz!

Dear Avey,

I know I am biased, but you are one of the sweetest and cutest babies I've ever met. You hardly cry, except to let us know you are hungry.  I love your awake time because you are so happy as long as you have a full belly! You love to be held, cuddled and played with. You already have SO much curiosity- you can stare at things forever...whether it is someone's face, the trees and sky on our walks, or even the lights on the ceiling! You love getting kisses from Mommy and Daddy- your faces after each one are priceless. The multiple faces you make throughout the day are to die for. You have so many and they are all so cute! Sometimes we joke that we could just eat you up =) You have your mad/sad face when you are hungry, your confused face, your happy and smiley face and your tired one when you can hardly keep your eyes open as much as you would like to! We could stare at you all day...well I pretty much do right now =) You have slept SO well for us lately! You sleep for about 5-6 hours every night until we wake you up to feed you, then you give us another 4 hours or so (thank goodness for your Woombie)! Your Dad is also getting very good the whole bedtime routine...he can get you to sleep way faster than I can! Your first trip to The Red Roof Lodge (our lakehouse) is this weekend. I can't wait for all of the memories to be made here with you!

I didn't know it was possible, but we love you more and more each day Avery Reagan! Keep on growing..but not too fast, please! We feel so blessed and are so thankful that we get to be your Mommy and Daddy!


Here is a cute video from this week when your dad was feeding you! You were SO cute with your little arms outstretched the whole time =)

Here are a few pictures that I took of you on my phone from your second week of life!


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats!!
    I'm a new follower....found you through Bella Lulu Ink (she designed my blog & branded my Etsy shop for me!)
    P.S. If you're pretty little lady ever needs some sweet headbands, I'll totally hook you up!

  2. Jess,

    Thank you so much...your little girl is absolutely precious as well!!

    I do need some headbands!! Where can I find them??

    Thanks so much!