Craft Time for Avery - Baby Sleeping Door Hanger

The other day I was shopping with a friend at Swoozies and fell in love with almost everything in their baby section! I wanted to buy this sign SO bad, but with Jamie Grace's help, I was thankfully talked out of it..."No way this was worth $30 when I could make it myself" we thought! So tonight I tried :) Instead of $30- it cost me $7 and only 30 minutes of time...I am pretty happy with the result! Here is my attempt...

Swoozie's sign ($30)-

I went to Hobby Lobby where I got all the supplies (a thin wood board, a small wooden circle, cardstock alphabet stickers and the two types of ribbon for the hair bow & hanger...thankfully I already have a HUGE bag of acrylic paints in every color). Jason helped me saw the thin piece of wood to the right length and sand the top. Then he drilled two small holes for the ribbon...then it was my turn- painting!

After the baby face was painted, I glued it on the base wood board with Gorilla Glue. Instead of painting on all of the letters, I bought cardstock alphabet stickers...I love how these stickers have a matte finish...none of that shiny stuff :) I figured these would look a lot neater than me attempting to paint the letters. I bought a spool of smaller ribbon for the bow and larger ribbon for the hanger.

...and here is the final product to complete Avey's nursery!

I had so much fun making this, and saving over $20! I need to start making things more often...if only I could find the time :)


  1. I think yours is even cuter! Great job!

  2. Thanks Megan...I just love finding the time to make things like this! So fun :)